Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide
if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding,
make even more art. --andy warhol

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello again!  Happy Holidays!  How's your Christmas season going so far?  Did you get out and go shopping with the masses after finishing Thanksgiving dinner?  Are you busily getting all your packages wrapped up and ready to go under the tree?  Anticipating that one special holiday party that your holiday season just wouldn't be complete without?

Me, too, except that I don't have to anticipate anymore.  I've already enjoyed my most anticipated holiday event of the season and it's only the first of December!  How about that?!

Each month I meet up with my art friends for art club.  We have a great time exploring our creativity and catching up on what's going on in our respective worlds.  We paint.  We stamp.  We make stuff.  And when the Christmas season rolls around, we get together and celebrate it by having a Christmas brunch and party where we bring our favorite recipes and swap gifts that we've made for each other.  And these aren't you're run of the mill, ordinary gifts either.  They are projects that each of us plan long in advance of the holiday season.  They end up being projects that are the most near and dear to our hearts so that we can share our hearts with our friends when the holiday season rolls around.   And, let me tell you, they are flat out eye candy.  No joke.
Take a peek --  You'll see what I mean:

This year, for the first time, we also did a project at the party.   The project was using little tiny vintage tins to create Christmas ornaments.  Tell me these aren't totally fabulous!

Aren't they fun?  Maybe now you can see that I wasn't exaggerating when I say this is the event of the season for me.  I hope your holiday season is filled with fun times and great memories and, most of all, lots and lots of creativity, too.  Happy Holidays!